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Our commission is between 2 and 5% of the amount of the contract signed between importer and exporter or the invoice of the manufacturer.
This amount may vary depending on the package of services contracted, the volume and frequency of imports.
In special cases we agree on exclusive import conditions with our minimum interests.


From experience we know that what concerns an importer the most is the security of his investment, that means obtaining the merchandise for which he disburses an amount.

In international trade there are some added factors such as:

Mutual ignorance of the parties
Differences of languages, customs, currency
Possible delays due to customs procedures or travel mishaps
Different legislation in the countries of origin and destination
During the last decades, different forms of payment between international partners were implemented in order to protect interests of both parties: just as the importer is interested in receiving the merchandise for the money paid, the exporter is interested in charging for the merchandise produced.

In the specific case of imports from China, although others may be used, documentary credit is usually used T/T, Letter of Credit, L / C).
It is defined as an agreement whereby a bank, acting at the request of an importer and in accordance with its instructions, undertakes to make a payment to an exporter upon presentation of a set of required documents within a specified time limit, provided And when the terms and conditions of the credit have been fulfilled.

This is one of the methods we use to ensure greater safety for our customers.

(Note: Sometimes the exporter may ask for a deposit as a guarantee of the transaction. This point is reflected in the contract.)
Billing Details:

Invoices are issued in dollars from our offices in China o our office in Europe for your convenience.
We combine the purchase amount with the Chinese manufacturer and our services into a single invoice. Everything is properly disaggregated and specified.
Obviously, before issuing a bill, a proforma invoice has been issued previously and before the proforma, a Purchase Study.
The invoicing of the transport, tariffs, customs and taxes will be issued by the transport company that you choose with the conditions that agree between you.