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Sourcing Asian manufacturers and products

The Characteristic of Asian Manufacturers
The Asian manufacturers are numerous, and distributed in wide region, but the level is incomplete. There are considerable differences in quality grades, different factories in the appropriate quality and price also have different strengths between.
Factories in Asia have a very strong regional properties according to the different products industry, we are very familiar with the industrial strengths of the different regions, we focus on searching in the advantage production area for a product.

The way of our sourcing Asian Manufacturers
In this era of information-opening, It is easy to find your products suppliers via internet or some fair. If without the survey on the suppliers, but just start buying, that could be a lot of problems on the running of business, even it is a business risk.
For the competitive prices, normally we only select the manufacturers as the suppliers with our buying services, we go to visit the factories, and survey them if they are a reliable and good qualified manufacturers.

Find all that you want, its easy for us.

What is the good quality manufacturers? How we choose the good quality manufacturers on our sourcing?
※ To contact the boss and the manager of the manufacturer, if we are easy to communicate each other, judge them if they are reliable people.
※ The manufacturer has the strict quality control system, from the raw material, every producing procedure, all have the QC people and the test equipment.
※ Based on the product quality as customer’s demand, prices are competitive.
※ Factory is organized well, production management in the ISO quality system standard.
※ If the factory do their efforts on the cooperation actively.

Our long term cooperative manufacturers
Through our many years sourcing work, we already build up the good cooperative relationship with hundreds of asian manufacturers in wide range of products. We see some manufacturers grows up from a small workshop to a professional leading manufacturer. In that period, we help and guide their producing management, give them our advices to improve their quality management system.