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How do we as a sourcing agent help customer on new product developing with manufacturers?
First we study about customer’s products and marketing, to know about what customer need, then, we look for the relevant products from Chinese manufacturers, or give ideas to manufacturer to make new products which could meet customer’s market.

Also, according to customer’s requirement, to cater for customers style design, we work with manufacturers to develop new products, discuss the production technology issues, and let manufacturers make the samples for customer satisfaction.

Besides of that, we visit the show in China or accompany customers to visit the show together, to seek the new products; More over that, we also accompany customers to visit manufacturers, discuss with manufacturers about the details of new product developing.

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Why need us as sourcing agent to help product developing?
Through our communication, reduce or avoid manufacturers misunderstanding on the customer requirement. To promote the success of product development, and urge manufacturers to make the new samples in time.

We as sourcing agent, evaluate the different factory’s technical, quality level etc, and choose the most reliable manufacturer to develop the new product. Through our communication between customer and manufacturer, adjust the conflict matter between the producing technical and the design, so we find the best way to achieve the success of new satisfied product.

We check the new developing sample before providing to customers, discuss with manufacturer how to improve the new sample or remake the sample when we find the quality problems on new developing samples, until we see the satisfied new sample, we send it out to customer for approval. So, it could save the time and cost on new product developing, and also helps to achieve the success of new developing.